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Healthy body and skin care treatments

Therapeutic Massage

Dori Stephens LMT
Therapeutic Massage
You are getting a massage from specialist in treating pain and stress relief. Be assured that your expectations will be discussed prior to your massage, and your massage treatment will be performed with your care and comfort the top priority.  Light, medium or deep pressure... it's your preference. Deep heat, aromatherapy, and warm stones available at no                                            extra charge. Check the "about" page for more info.
                                       $69 for a full hour (not 50 min. like the chains)

Unlocking Computer Shoulder
the ultimate head, back, neck and shoulder massage. 
Addressing forward head posture, rounded shoulders, stiff neck and conditions related to the habitual computer use that our lives now require.
$39 for 30 minutes

Million Dollar Foot Massage
a must for tired aching feet, hot towels and foot stretches followed by specialized massage targeting the muscles and tendons of the feet with Bon Vital foot Balm.
$39 for 30 minutes
Dori demonstrating Facelift Massage to students

Bellanina Facelift Massage

It's the facial that feels like a full body massage! The most intensely relaxing, stress reducing, anti-aging facial massage ever. Natural, holistc honeylift eliminates the facial tension that causes wrinkling. Acupressure, contouring strokes and lymphatic drainage combined with aromatic oils, beautifully tone, firm and retrain facial muscles. Botanical products are also used to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Head, neck, shoulder, foot and hand massage included for a "leave the planet" experience.

$69 for a 60 minute treatment

Combo Massage and Bellanina Facial $110 for 120 minutes

Deep Heat Mother Earth Facelift Massage

It's the famous Facelift Massage with the added benefit of heated Mother Earth Pillows.

Heated herbal pillows take the treatment to a whole new level of pampering and relaxation.

$75 for 60 min.

Spa Girl PowerDerm FaceLift
Treatments that revive your skin as it is resurfaced, infusing it with targeted nutritional formulas loaded with highly concentrated serums, of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and essential oils.

"Try Me" mini treatment $49

Full Face and Neck $75

Double Peel (20% AHA) $85

This Peel permits the greatest depth of Dermabrasion penetration, resulting in flawless, younger appearing, and beautiful skin.

In a Reversing Time™ multiple treatment program, it will transform your face into its strongest structure, providing an External/Internal FaceLift that utilizes your body’s natural dermal regeneration response for longer lasting results that replace collagen injections.

Ask Dori about super special pricing for a series of PowerDerm treatments.

Multiple PowerDerm Treatments will provide you with the Youngest, Strongest, Healthiest Looking Skin without Surgery or Injections.